Create a Safe Place Under Your Roof

Create a Safe Place Under Your Roof

Schedule a free roof inspection in Raleigh & Garner, NC

There's more to your roof than its appearance. Roof damage can cause serious safety risks for your family. At K&D Roofing in Raleigh, North Carolina, we provide free roof inspection service to make sure you feel safe. If there is damage to your roof, our team will repair it for you. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

Here's a breakdown of our roof inspection process

K&D Roofing offers free roof inspection service to help give you peace of mind about your home. Whether a storm just rolled through or your roof is aging naturally, it's a good idea to get a roof inspection to ease any concerns you may have. Our roof inspection service includes:

  • An estimated 25-minute examination
  • Photos of any existing or potential damage
  • Assistance with filing claims, if necessary
  • A meeting with your insurance adjuster, if needed
During the inspection, our team will search for signs of wind damage, missing shingles, leaks and any other potential hazards. Schedule your free roof inspection in Raleigh, NC today by calling 919-605-3220.